Be Entrepreneurial

Inspiring High School Students to Launch Businesses, Create Jobs and Drive the Canadian Economy

Securing traditional jobs is becoming increasingly difficult for youth. In this challenging job market, entrepreneurs are the key to job growth.  Many Canadian youth have the passion to launch their own businesses to create jobs for themselves and others. However, the skills that young people need to run businesses aren’t taught in most schools.

JA's Be Entrepreneurial program inspires students to imagine a business venture while still in school. 

The Self-Directed version of Be Entrepreneurial can be used in two ways:

  1. If you are a student and wish to complete this program on your own, then this option is for you. It allows you to self-enroll and work your way through the course at your own pace. Once you’ve completed the program, you will be able to download a digital Certificate of Accomplishment.

    No code is needed to participate in the program independently.

  2. If you are a teacher and wish to assign a JA program for your students to complete independently, then this delivery method is for you. If you request an enrolment code from your local JA office, you can monitor your students’ progress through the program; if you do not wish to monitor your students' progress, no code is required. Once they’ve completed the program, students will be able to download a digital Certificate of Accomplishment.

    An enrollment code is required if you wish to track your students’ progress, and can be obtained by contacting your local JA office.

Please note: a small number of users may experience a tracking issue whereby program progress isn't accurately captured. If this happens to you please contact Andre Gallant ( for assistance resolving the issue.

The Classroom version of the program includes a printed Facilitators’ Guide, printed Student Portfolios, board and/or card games, etc… This type of delivery can be done by either a teacher or a volunteer. The digital content found here is intended to complement the printed materials, and includes resources such as videos, presentations, graphics, etc… Your local JA office will coordinate the delivery of a Program Kit beforehand in order to facilitate this mode of delivery.

An enrollment code is required, and can be obtained by contacting your local JA office.

This is a pilot program of an updated Be Entrepreneurial.  It is not the regular in-class program.