Looking for a fun educational distraction? Try one of our JA Fun & Games activities! You'll pass the time and learn a thing or two along the way.


Put on your entrepreneurial hat and run your own retail business in JA Canada's BizCraft game.

JA’s Investment Strategies program (ISP) teaches you how to save and invest for the future. The program includes both interactive lessons and an online stock market simulation Invest JA, where students manage their own simulated stock portfolio. The simulation is linked to live data from North American stock markets and is an exciting, risk-free way for students to apply the investing principles they learn in the program.

Public speaking skills are an essential ingredient for success. 

When we feel comfortable using our voices, we are empowered to advocate for ourselves, for our communities, and for the causes we care about. 

This course from Speech and Debate Canada will help high school students improve their public speaking skills for any number of occasions.

In JA’s Entrepreneurial Trades program, students will encounter multiple learning mediums that will assist them in understanding, analyzing, evaluating and applying financial and business skills essential for a successful trades career.

Students will learn the business side of the skilled trades to complement the technical training they receive in school. Combined, these skills help students successfully transition to further education or employment opportunities.