This is where you begin as a volunteer! Once you have your access code (your JA Charter contact will share it with you), you can access this content and begin your journey.

You must complete this course to unlock the other training courses.

The Getting Started videos will help you learn more about JA and our impact and the roles & responsibilities of the volunteer. We offer insights on the students you will meet and how to engage with them and provide valuable tips for how to prepare for your classroom experience.

This is the JA Campus Volunteer Orientation.

You must complete this very short module before going in to a classroom.

By completing the Economics for Success online training you will learn the foundational elements required to encourage students to consider how they can prepare to enter the world of work. Your preparation will help you in guiding students through the program where they will learn to identify personal interests, skills, strengths, and passions; map them to career clusters; recognize possible post-secondary destinations; learn to budget; and develop strategies to achieve educational and career goals.